About The Creation Nation

In a world where smartphones and tablets are the primary toys of kids, we at The Creation Nation strive to encourage and develop valuable skills through Lego.

Idea Generation

We want to encourage kids to start generating their own creative ideas.

Idea Selection

We want to help kids select the best ideas to work with.

Idea Realization

We want to teach kids how to go about bringing their own ideas into reality.

About Me

I am a life long learner and creator. I started building with Lego when I was 2 and never stopped. I began sharing the things I made online in my teens and quickly became known for my creativity. My mom was always encouraging me to build things from my own imagination instead of always building with instructions. Encouraging me to think creatively has been one of the most beneficial lessons I could have ever been taught. Throughout the years, I’ve seen my creative and outside the box thinking prove incredibly valuable in everyday situations.

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